I Shot This Handheld Project File

Check out this FREE Adobe Premiere Pro project file with associated After Effects files.

This is a project file that I made of a shoot I did completely handheld. I used a dope transition pack from Envato that will need to be purchased.

Required software:

Adobe Premiere CC 2018

Adobe After Effects CC 2018

Handy Seamless Transitions Pack

You'll get 1 ZIP

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And here's some more info on the “I Shot this Handheld” project file. This download should have been absolutely free.

Unzip the downloaded folder and open the Premiere Project file inside called “I Shot this Handheld Project File.”

Inside you will see all my Premiere sequences.

You may need to relink a few media files within Premiere or After Effects, but no worries. All media is organized in Clips, Pics, or Audio folders. Just relink one and the rest should link automatically..

SO the catch is that while this project file is free, I did chose to use a 3rd party transition pack. This pack (open this link in your browser) will need to be purchased for $43, from a dope effects company called Envato, before you can actually use this project file.

I am assuming at this point you have downloaded all the files from my “I Shot it Handheld” project file and now looking to install the transition pack.

Simply click on this link and purchase the Handy Seamless Transitions pack.

You will be given a download link and an activation code. Remember to keep the code. You will download another zipped folder. Within this his zipped folder is an installation instructional video. It’s a really simple process. After you open After Effects you will be prompted to enter the code and voila. You have access to the best transition pack from 2018.

  • Josh Enobakhare

1 ZIP and 1 PDF
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